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11/1/2016 2017 10U - 1 Spot Remaining!
7/22/2016 2017 9U National (Wright) Bombers
7/19/2016 2017 14U National (Current) Bombers
9/18/2015 Bombers Spirit Wear is Here!!
8/5/2015 2016 9U - A Few Spots Left
7/7/2015 2016 9U Tryouts
6/16/2015 2016 13U Bombers National Gold TRYOUTS
6/1/2015 12U Bombers National Gold Collect More Hardware!!
6/1/2015 12U Bombers Gold visit with Buckeyes QB
5/26/2015 12U National Gold Champs in E-Town
4/5/2015 12U National Silver Win Tourney!
8/17/2014 Former Pro offering Hitting and Catching Lessons
7/24/2014 2015 12U National Bombers Roster!
7/15/2014 2015 17U National Tryout announced
7/10/2014 2015 11U National Bombers announce 2 tryout dates
6/19/2014 10U Bombers Crowned National League Gold Champions
6/12/2014 2015 12U National Bombers Tryout Info
6/9/2014 10U Bombers Semi Finalist in Flames Classic
6/2/2014 10U Bombers Findlay Blast Champions!
5/7/2014 10U Bombers fall short in champion game
5/5/2014 More Hardware for 11U American Bombers!
4/28/2014 11U Am Bombers Come Up Short in Championship
4/15/2014 More harware for the 10U Bombers
4/7/2014 10U Bombers take Runner-up at Florence Freedom
4/7/2014 11U Am Bombers Win Ross Rams Spring Invitational
3/27/2014 10U Bombers Open Season as March Madness Champions
1/31/2014 10U TV Raffle Winner!!
1/7/2014 Bombers 10U holding open tryout Friday, 1/10/14
11/21/2013 10U NL Bombers looking for one player
9/6/2013 12U National team looking for player
8/14/2013 11U American Roster
8/2/2013 2014 10U Bombers NL Roster Announced
7/31/2013 17U Bombers Showcase Team
7/27/2013 2014 11U Bombers Tryouts Rescheduled!
7/27/2013 2014 16U-A Bombers Tryouts Rescheduled
7/22/2013 10U Bombers Tryout
7/21/2013 Beall Best Arm at CABA
7/21/2013 Thomas Fastest at CABA
7/21/2013 Current Homerun Derby Winner
7/21/2013 Thomas Batting Champion
7/20/2013 10U National Bombers
7/2/2013 2014 12U Tryouts
6/20/2013 Raffle
6/20/2013 Human Hits Big at Ripken
6/19/2013 Langer will play for Capital
6/19/2013 Current Going to Minnesota
6/4/2013 Bombers 11-U National team are Champions AGAIN!!
6/3/2013 Bombers Shine at All-Star Game
5/6/2013 10U Nationals Win Again
5/2/2013 13u Bombers
4/29/2013 9U Bombers King of the Mound Champions in Findlay
4/24/2013 18U Bombers Current-Lykins-Estepan Article
4/16/2013 12U Bombers Continue To Dominate!!!
4/15/2013 11U National Bombers Hit N Run Champions
4/14/2013 Bomber Window Decals Available
4/13/2013 10U National Bombers Open with 2 Wins!
4/11/2013 12U Bombers Show Power, Defense & Pitching !!!
4/10/2013 9U Bombers take 2nd Place
4/9/2013 10U Nationals Beat Flames
4/7/2013 11U American Bombers make championship game
4/7/2013 Mount St. Joseph for Bowling
4/6/2013 Stone signs with Marietta
4/1/2013 9U NL Bombers roll in Regular Season Opener
3/31/2013 Bombers pull it out for Hamilton
3/29/2013 Combs Heading to Sinclair
3/26/2013 9U Bombers looking to add 1 player
3/21/2013 12U Bombers adding players !!
3/13/2013 Jake Hyde Identified by Perfect Game
3/12/2013 11 National Bombers win Early Bird Tourney!!!
3/11/2013 11U National Bombers Win Classic
3/4/2013 Middletown Baseball
3/3/2013 18U Shortstop Needed
3/2/2013 Catching Lessons Offered by Matt Current
2/25/2013 Another Bomber Signs!
2/19/2013 Zach Robbins Signing to Johns Hopkins
1/8/2013 Super Bowl Squares!!
1/3/2013 2013 12U Bombers Reloaded and Ready !!
10/20/2012 2013 16u Showcase Roster is Complete
8/21/2012 2013 18U Showcase Team Announced!!
8/19/2012 2013 9U National Bombers Announced!!
8/18/2012 2013 10U National Bombers Announced!!
8/10/2012 9U National Bombers Looking for a Few Players
8/4/2012 Bombers Tryouts THIS WEEKEND!
7/26/2012 2013 12U and 15U Bombers add Aug 5th Tryout
7/17/2012 2013 16u College Showcase Team hires Coach
7/15/2012 9U National Bombers Tryout MONDAY
7/9/2012 9U Bombers Win 2012 CABA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!
5/23/2012 15 All Tournament Team adds another Arm and Stick
5/23/2012 2012 15u All Tournament Team looks strong!
5/22/2012 9U National Bombers May Blast Champs!!
5/14/2012 10U National Bombers win championship for Mom's
5/13/2012 Happy Mother's Day Bombers Moms
5/5/2012 9U National Bombers Defeat Red Stockings!
5/3/2012 Ten Keys to Being a Good Coach!
4/26/2012 New 9U National Banner - AWESOME!
4/25/2012 Mike Matheny Letter to Parents
4/25/2012 What Makes A Nightmare Sports Parent?
4/22/2012 9U National Bombers take 2 From Midland!
4/21/2012 9U National Bombers defeat Flames!
4/16/2012 9U National Bombers Win CHAMPIONSHIP
4/14/2012 9U American Defeats Ross Rams and Ohio Heat
4/9/2012 9U American Holds Raffle
4/5/2012 Bombers Interviewing for 8U and 9U Coaches
3/19/2012 9U National Bombers defeat Flames and Riverbats!!
3/19/2012 9U American Raffle Tickets
3/12/2012 Bombers Work Day HUGE Success!!
2/3/2012 Super Bowl Squares!!
1/16/2012 15u All Travel Team adds new talent
1/2/2012 10U American Sno Ball Softball Tournament
11/1/2011 15u National Gold gets stronger!!
9/28/2011 2012 14U - Bombers announced
8/18/2011 2012 9U-American Bombers Announcement!
8/7/2011 2012 11U National Bombers Announced !!!
8/5/2011 2012 17U National Bombers Announced!
8/3/2011 14U Bombers- American holding tryouts!!!
8/1/2011 2012 9U National Bombers Announced!
7/20/2011 10U Bombers take 2nd in Michigan!!!
7/18/2011 8U Bombers Champions at Hunter!
7/9/2011 12U Bombers 3rd at Cooperstown
7/4/2011 8U Bombers CHAMPS in Kentucky!
6/28/2011 Bombers with Thomas "Tank" Howard!
6/21/2011 Bombers Recruiting 2012 8U Coach
6/1/2011 9U National Team Battles in the Never Ending Game!
5/31/2011 10U Bombers Take Second in 11U Memorial Tourney!!!
5/31/2011 13U- Cont. Bombers Champs at Memorial Bash!!!
5/24/2011 9U National Bombers Extinguish Flames!!
5/23/2011 10U Bombers Champs at Florence Freedom!!!
5/22/2011 9U American Bombers Co Champs Ross Sub-Regional
5/15/2011 9U National Bombers Champions of May Madness!!
5/8/2011 12U Bombers Go Pink for Mother's Day!!
4/23/2011 9U National Bombers break through the rain
4/9/2011 8U Bombers Win 1st Kid-Pitch Game!!
4/8/2011 13U Bombers-CHECK THIS OUT!!
4/5/2011 10U Bombers Win Cincinnati Shootout!!
4/4/2011 12U Bombers Bring Home Hardware!!
4/3/2011 8U Bombers Gear Up For Opening Game!!
3/29/2011 9U American starts 2011 season with Win!!!
3/26/2011 12U's Start 2011 Season with Win!!!
3/14/2011 8U Bombers-Catch Them!!
9/30/2010 The Bombers lose big supporter
9/13/2010 2011 12U Nationals Holding Additional Try Out
8/28/2010 2011 9U National Bombers
8/23/2010 2011 9U-American Bombers Announced
8/22/2010 2011 16U-National Bombers
8/19/2010 2011 10U Bombers Announced!!!
8/19/2010 2011 8U Bombers
8/14/2010 13U Bombers Roster
8/14/2010 14U American Bombers
8/7/2010 2011 13u National Squad
8/3/2010 Amazing Year and Tryout info for 12u Bombers
7/19/2010 12U Bombers Win Seventh Tournament of Year!
7/7/2010 15U Bombers AMAZING!!
7/5/2010 9U Bombers Runner-Ups in Sting Summer Smash
7/3/2010 9U Bombers reach 40 wins!!!
6/30/2010 12-A Bombers Witness National Championship game!!!
6/27/2010 9U Bombers beat Dominican Republic!!!
6/24/2010 9U Bombers Extinguish Flames
6/15/2010 8U Bombers Push Record to 21-1!!
6/7/2010 11U Bombers Claim Summer Classic Title!!!
6/4/2010 8U Bombers Win Double Header!!
6/1/2010 15U Bombers Blast Champs!!
5/26/2010 9U Bombers Win USSSA Capital Cup Championship!!
5/23/2010 Who's Coming To Bombers Blast!?!
5/20/2010 9U Bombers stay undefeated in league play!!!
5/18/2010 12U- A Bombers starting to roll !!!
5/16/2010 12UN Bombers Win 60'/90' 13U Tourney
5/9/2010 9U Bombers Impressive In Double Header!!!
5/8/2010 8U Bombers Make it 8 In A Row!
5/7/2010 8U Bombers Win Again!!
5/3/2010 11U Bombers Claim May Day Classic Title!!!
4/27/2010 12U American wins at Florence Freedom Stadium!!!
4/26/2010 11U Bombers Champs at Nations Spring Swing!!!!
4/22/2010 11U Bombers Open National League Play with Win!!!
4/22/2010 Reid Cable Blasts Grand Slam for 11U Bombers !!!
4/21/2010 8U Bombers Win Again!
4/20/2010 9U Bombers Finish 3rd in Memphis!
4/19/2010 11U Bombers Champs at Elks Spring Fever !!
4/19/2010 12u National Wins Action Sports Tournament
4/18/2010 8U Bombers FLAWLESS in Columbus!!
4/12/2010 8U Bombers Do Not Disappoint!
4/11/2010 9U Bombers Kinect Classic Champions!!!
4/6/2010 9U Bombers open league play with a win!!
4/5/2010 9U Bombers Runners-Up In Ross Rams Spring Bash!
3/29/2010 10 Dingers!!!!!!
12/5/2009 Uniform Sizing
10/18/2009 2010 10U Bombers Announced!
8/17/2009 2010 13U National Roster
8/12/2009 2010 11U National Roster Announced
8/11/2009 2010 16U Bombers Announced
8/11/2009 12U Continental roster announced
8/11/2009 13U American Bombers roster announced
8/9/2009 2010 12U American Bombers!!!
8/8/2009 2010 15U Bombers Announced!
8/8/2009 10U Bombers Adding Players
8/6/2009 2010 9U Bombers Announced!!
8/3/2009 2010 12u National Roster
8/1/2009 11U National Complete Amazing Year!
7/29/2009 13U Nat. Finish Season With Another Tourn. Win
7/24/2009 8U Bombers take second in Louisville!!!
7/20/2009 13U Nationals Win Shark Shootout
7/15/2009 10U Bombers Complete Season 43-10 !!!
7/13/2009 10U Bombers MCYBSA Runner Ups !!
7/7/2009 14U National Bombers Win Another Tournament!
7/6/2009 10U Bombers Claim Summer Smash Championship!!!
7/2/2009 11UN Bombers Dominate Indiana Tourney!
6/29/2009 11U American Bombers continue to roll!!
6/27/2009 11U American Beat #1 Ranked Stingers!!!
6/25/2009 8U Bombers win big!!!
6/24/2009 11U American upset Braves
6/23/2009 10U Bombers Win Thriller Over Flames!!!!
6/3/2009 11UN McDonough Sets 2 Bombers Homerun Records
6/2/2009 8U Bombers Claim Bombers Blast Championship!!!
6/1/2009 14U Bombers Win Ohio-Indiana Challenge!!
6/1/2009 11UN Bombers Cincinnati Town Champs!
5/29/2009 Who's Coming to Bombers Explosion?!?
5/28/2009 10U Bombers Finish May With Win!!!
5/27/2009 9U Bombers finish 2nd in the Blast
5/26/2009 2009 BLAST RESULTS
5/25/2009 10U Bombers Claim Bomber Blast Title!!!
5/19/2009 8U Bombers continue to win!!
5/18/2009 10U Bombers Take Second at Bandit Yard!!
5/18/2009 11U American stays hot in league win!!
5/12/2009 14U Bombers USSSA Champs in Michigan!
5/10/2009 10U Bombers Pick Up League Win!!!
5/7/2009 8U Bombers win big!!
5/4/2009 14U-N Bombers May Shootout Champs!
5/3/2009 10U Bombers Runner Ups in May Day Classic!!!!
5/1/2009 11UN Pull off Mission Impossible
4/30/2009 Bombers May Day Classic Schedule Announced!!
4/30/2009 11U American Bombers stay hot in win!!
4/30/2009 10U Bombers Win League Contest!!!
4/29/2009 9U Bombers Golf Scramble
4/29/2009 11U - American Bombers win big!!
4/27/2009 10U Bombers Cincy USSSA Champs!!!
4/25/2009 11UN Bats Explode for 5 Homeruns!
4/24/2009 10U Bombers Win In 8 Innings!!!
4/23/2009 11UN Win Tourney by outscoring Opponents 46-4!
4/21/2009 11UN Pick up League Win 15-1 with 2 Dingers
4/20/2009 8U Bombers beat Cincy Redstockings
4/19/2009 10U Bombers win pair of games in Cincinnati!!
4/17/2009 8U Bombers guests for College Baseball
4/12/2009 11UN Travel 14 Hours for 1 Game
4/12/2009 11UN Earn World Series Birth
4/10/2009 10U Bombers Continue Winning Ways!!!
4/5/2009 10U Bombers Champions!!
4/5/2009 8U Bombers win League opener!!
4/3/2009 14U National Bombers Champions!!
4/2/2009 10U Bombers to Host May Day Classic!!!!
4/1/2009 14U National Bombers Headed to Championship!
3/30/2009 10U Bombers Start Season 2-1
3/29/2009 13U Nat. Win 2 in DH
3/25/2009 12U Bombers Play 1st Tournament
3/23/2009 11U Bombers Improve to 3-0!
3/22/2009 14U N Bombers Win 2 More!!
3/22/2009 13U Nat. wins league opener
3/18/2009 14U N Bombers win Tournament Opener!
3/16/2009 11UN Win 10-0 in Home Opener
3/9/2009 14U-N Bombers Win Home Opener!
3/2/2009 Bombers help win Basketball Championships!!!!
1/24/2009 Another win for The 11u National
1/15/2009 11U American awards final roster spot
1/6/2009 Bombers Indoor Training Begins!
10/27/2008 13U Nat. wins fall league
9/30/2008 13U National team has 1 spot open
9/26/2008 The 12U National Team Has an Open Spot!
9/25/2008 Bombers Organization Meeting Announced!
8/30/2008 11u National Final Roster
8/28/2008 New 14U American Bombers Team Added!
8/26/2008 2009 9U Bombers Announced!
8/18/2008 2009 8U Bombers Announced!!!
8/18/2008 2009 11U American Team Announced!!!
8/11/2008 2009 10U Bombers Announced!!
8/7/2008 2009 14U Bombers Announced!!
8/7/2008 13U National Roster announced
8/5/2008 2009 9U Bombers Add Tryout!
8/1/2008 AUGUST 5th BOMBER DAY!!
7/29/2008 Bombers Article in Baseball Magazine
7/28/2008 12U Bombers Win Hunter - Break Records
7/25/2008 Middletown Journal Article
7/23/2008 2009 Team Manager's Announced!
7/21/2008 13U Bombers Win Another Tournament!
7/20/2008 Tournament Newspaper Article
7/17/2008 16U Finish 2008 Season
7/15/2008 10U-N Bombers Win World Series!!!!
7/14/2008 10U-A Finish season with hardware
7/12/2008 Action Shots from Bomber Explosion Tournament!
7/10/2008 9U Bombers Finish Season With Win!!!!!!
7/7/2008 13U Bombers Runner Up at BCB Explosion!
7/1/2008 9U Bombers Beat Cincinnati Riverbats!!!
6/28/2008 10U-N Reach 30 Wins
6/16/2008 8U Bombers upset Ohio's best at Rumpke Rumble
6/15/2008 9U Bombers Continue Winning Ways!!
6/8/2008 10U- A Slow to start...Finish Strong!!
6/4/2008 11 U Bombers WIN Big Two Weekends in a Row
6/4/2008 8U Bombers Complete Sweep of Cincy Teams !!
6/3/2008 13U Bombers Win League Game!!
6/2/2008 16U Open Season With 2 Wins
6/1/2008 9U Bombers beat the Bandits!
6/1/2008 10U-A Make it 3 Straight!!
5/31/2008 8U Bombers Come From Behind to Beat Outlaws
5/29/2008 10U-A Win
5/22/2008 13U Bombers Lose to Westars
5/21/2008 9U Bombers push record to 22-4!!
5/18/2008 9U Bombers Calm the Storm!!
5/17/2008 10U-N Bombers Comeback One Run Short
5/17/2008 10U-N Duo throw Perfect Game!
5/14/2008 9U Bombers Beat Cincinnati Flames Black!!
5/13/2008 13U Bombers Make it 11 Straight!!
5/13/2008 Congrats to Jake Hyde-13U Bomber
5/12/2008 8U Bombers Beat Harrison Outlaws to go 3-0 !!!
5/12/2008 8U Bombers Catch Fire to improve to 4-0 !!
5/11/2008 13U Bombers Open Sandlott League with WIN!!
5/7/2008 10U-A Bombers Play Well In The Rain!
5/5/2008 8U Bombers Win In Dramatic Fashion !!
5/4/2008 14U Defeat Patriots For League Win
5/1/2008 13U Bombers Defeat Midland!
4/30/2008 8U Bombers Win Season Opener !
4/30/2008 14U Fall To Fairfield Braves
4/28/2008 13U Bombers Champions Again!
4/27/2008 14U Split DH with Steam
4/27/2008 9U Bombers Second at Spring Classic
4/27/2008 10U-N Bombers go to 2-0 In League Play!
4/26/2008 14U Drop Heartbreaker To Kinecht Nationals
4/25/2008 Connor Murray goes deep! Twice! for 10U-N Bombers.
4/25/2008 10U-N display stellar defense in 10-3 Win!
4/25/2008 10U-N Win Battle of the Southpaws!
4/25/2008 10U-N Bombers Tournament Champs
4/25/2008 10U-N begin League Play with Win, 5-4.
4/23/2008 13U Bombers Beat Cincinnati Flames!
4/21/2008 10U-A Bombers Bounce Back With Big League Win!
4/19/2008 9U Bombers Extend Winning Streak to 12!
4/19/2008 14U Lose League Game To Hitman
4/19/2008 14U Drop Game 2 To Hitmen
4/18/2008 10U-A Bombers Make it 3 Straight League Wins!!
4/17/2008 14U Defeat Stars 11-5 In Non League Play
4/16/2008 10U-A Bombers Win in League Play!
4/16/2008 10U-N Bombers Win 13-8 to go 9-1
4/16/2008 14U Beat Ross 2-1 In Close Game
4/13/2008 9U Bombers Champions!! Again!!!
4/13/2008 13U Win Advantage April Showdown!!
4/12/2008 14U Win First Game Beat Stars Baseball 10-3
4/12/2008 10U-A Bombers Victorious over Stallions 14-1
4/11/2008 9U Bombers Win League Opener!
4/10/2008 10U National Bombers Hit the News Wire!
4/9/2008 10U-N Bombers Over Dirtbags 16-3
4/9/2008 13U Bombers Champs at Pastime Park!!
4/9/2008 14U Lose Opener To Cause 6-2
4/8/2008 10U-N Bombers Defeat Young Guns 15-3
4/7/2008 9U Bombers Champions!!
4/6/2008 10U American Bombers Take 2nd in Ross Tourney
4/6/2008 12U in USSSA Tourney
4/5/2008 10U American Bombers Win Ross Spring Fling Opener
4/4/2008 13U Bombers Win to Earn Top Seed!
4/3/2008 9U Bombers Second at Pre Season Open!
4/2/2008 11U Bombers Hosting Breakfast/Auction
4/1/2008 10U-N Bombers Runner Up!
3/31/2008 9U Bombers Win Again!
3/29/2008 10U National Bombers Throw 2nd Straight Shutout
3/29/2008 10U National Bombers roll to 4th Victory
3/27/2008 13U Bombers Make It 3 Straight!
3/27/2008 10U American Bombers Suffer First Loss
3/26/2008 10U Nationals throw shutout for Second Win
3/25/2008 9U Bombers Win First Game of Season!
3/25/2008 10U American Bombers Open Season With Win!
3/25/2008 10U Nationals Win Season Opener
3/23/2008 13U Bombers Open Season with Two Victories!
3/23/2008 Krazycity
2/27/2008 9U Bomber Ova Ventors Going to State in Wrestling!
2/26/2008 9U Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser!
2/20/2008 14U Practice Cancelled
12/19/2007 11U Looking for 1 player
9/26/2007 New Baby Bomber!
9/21/2007 Organization Meeting Set for Oct 7th
9/4/2007 Work Day at Bombers Complex!
8/21/2007 2008 12U Bombers
8/16/2007 2008 8U Bombers Announced!
8/16/2007 2008 10U-American Bombers Announced!
8/15/2007 2008 13U Bombers Announced!
8/14/2007 2008 9U Bombers Announced!
8/14/2007 2008 10U-National Bombers Announced!
8/13/2007 2008 14U Bombers Announced
8/13/2007 2008 16U Bombers Announced
8/12/2007 2008 11U Bombers Announced!
8/11/2007 Congratulations to Jake Gilkison!
8/11/2007 Congratulations Bailey Montoya!
7/30/2007 2007 Hunter Classic 12U Champs!!
7/30/2007 11U Wins Riverhawk Invitational
7/26/2007 12U Bombers Place 5th at CABA Ultimate WS!!!!
7/25/2007 11U Runner-up at Indy Summer Slam
7/23/2007 9U Go 3-1 in Tourney to Reach 31 Wins
7/17/2007 11U Wins PYO
7/16/2007 10U Wins 3 Tournaments in a Row!
7/15/2007 11U Wins American League
7/13/2007 Who's coming to the 10U Summer Blast!
7/13/2007 BCB Complex-Dixie Heights Park Directions
7/10/2007 10U Wins Back-to-Back Tournaments!
7/7/2007 15U Lose League Game To Storm Club
7/7/2007 13U Conclude Season Come In 4th
7/5/2007 15U Lose Non League Game To Kinecht Nationals
7/5/2007 2008 Bombers Managers Announced!!
7/3/2007 12U Bombers Champs at Explosion!
7/2/2007 10U Bombers Win Explosion!
6/30/2007 13U Drop First Game In Bomber Blast
6/28/2007 12U Bombers Finish Strong!!
6/27/2007 10U Bombers - American League Champs!
6/27/2007 13U Wins 20th Game Of Season
6/26/2007 11U Wins last league home game
6/23/2007 13U Defeat Blazers For League Win
6/23/2007 13U Win Second Game Of DH For Non League Victory
6/23/2007 Who's Coming to July 4th Explosion?
6/22/2007 Skylar Halsey on TEAM USA
6/21/2007 13U Lose To Ross Rams In Non League Contest
6/21/2007 Congratulations Seth Sipple!
6/21/2007 Hitting streak ends at 22
6/20/2007 Bombers Coach Honored for Basketball Triumps!!
6/20/2007 15U Defeat Riverbats For League Win
6/18/2007 15U Lose League Game To Tribe
6/18/2007 AJ Lezotte Bible Quiz
6/18/2007 11U has hot bats Sunday
6/17/2007 Hitting Streak Ends at 23 Games!
6/17/2007 Combs Connection!
6/17/2007 11U splits tough double header
6/17/2007 15U Lose League Game To Lightning
6/16/2007 15U Win In Indiana Tournament
6/16/2007 15U Lose Close Game To Red Sox
6/16/2007 Amazing Triple Play
6/16/2007 13U Win Game Two At Harrison Classic
6/16/2007 13U Defeated In Championship Bracket
6/15/2007 13U Win Game One In Harrison Classic
6/15/2007 15U Drops League Game To Redhawks
6/14/2007 13U Defeats Patriots For League Win
6/14/2007 12U Bombers Sink Riverbats!!
6/13/2007 Bombers Organization Reaches 100 Wins!
6/13/2007 13U Defeat Eagles For League Win
6/12/2007 9U Rally Back to Defeat FF Chiefs, 14-11
6/12/2007 15U Lose To Yankees In Non League Contest
6/12/2007 First Ever Home Run Hit On BCB Big Field!
6/11/2007 12U Bombers Champs in Brookville
6/11/2007 13U Defeated By Tough Lumberking Pitching
6/10/2007 11U Wins 2 on Saturday
6/10/2007 9U Bombers Take 1st Place at Wildcat Tournament
6/9/2007 9U Throw 2nd No-Hitter in First Tourney Win.
6/9/2007 9U Take Second Tourney Game 15-12 vs Wildcats
6/9/2007 15U Wins First League Game
6/9/2007 13U Defeated By Tough "Cause" Team
6/7/2007 13U Win League Game Against Phoenix
6/7/2007 A.J.Lezotte in National Bible Quiz Competition
6/6/2007 13U Beat Hamiliton Blue In Non-League Game
6/6/2007 12U Wins Third Straight League Game!!
6/6/2007 9U Defeat Haubner Hornets 14-2 in League Play
6/4/2007 15U Lose First League Game
6/4/2007 13U Drop League Game To Bandits
6/3/2007 12U Bombers Defeat Kinect!
6/3/2007 13U Defeat Ross Rams In League Game
6/3/2007 15U Lose To Kentucky Warriors
6/3/2007 15U Wins First Game By Run Rule
6/2/2007 12U Bombers Win Two!!
6/2/2007 15U Open Season With Loss To Clermont
6/1/2007 9U Tame Stallions in League Victory.
5/31/2007 12U Bombers Awesome at Blast!!
5/31/2007 13U Drop Heartbreaker To Storm Club
5/30/2007 9U Put Away Phillies, 12-5
5/28/2007 9U Bombers Runner-Up Champions in Bombers Blast!
5/27/2007 13U Defeat Sting For Third Time
5/27/2007 13U Wins 2 of 3 at Blast, fails to advance
5/26/2007 13U Lose 13-2 To Middletown Fury
5/26/2007 13U Beat Cincy Eagles In Second Game Of Blast
5/24/2007 13U Defeat Westars American
5/23/2007 9U Run Rule Bluegrass Extreme, 17-2
5/22/2007 13U Run Rule Ohio Sting
5/20/2007 13U Wins First Non League Game
5/19/2007 13U Defeats Lancers 8-6
5/17/2007 9U Beat undefeated Riverbats, 3-2
5/16/2007 11U Loses to Midland, Defeats White Oak
5/16/2007 10U Look sharp against Braves
5/16/2007 12U Game for Tonight Cancelled!
5/14/2007 13U Defeated By Midland Pitching
5/12/2007 13U Beat Hamiliton Blue In League Game
5/12/2007 13U Fall To Mason Dragons In Close Game
5/12/2007 11U Defeats Batavia Bulls
5/12/2007 9U Bats Awaken for 13-1 League Victory
5/10/2007 Who's Coming to Bombers Blast?
5/9/2007 11U Defeats Monroe Swarm
5/9/2007 9U Bombers Fire No-Hitter in 5-1 win!
5/9/2007 13U Stings Ohio Sting With 6-3 Win
5/8/2007 12U Bombers Earn CABA World Series Bid
5/7/2007 10U 4-1 With win over Eagles
5/5/2007 11U Adds two league wins
5/5/2007 9U Drop Close One to Flames, 7-6
5/4/2007 10U Bombers 8 - Ohio Heat 6
5/3/2007 11U Wins over Cardinals
5/3/2007 9U Pitchers one-hit Swarm for 11-1 Win
5/1/2007 13U Lose 12-7 in Kentucky
4/30/2007 12U Bombers Second at Advantage Tournament
4/28/2007 9U Defeat Stallions 12-6
4/28/2007 9U Bombers Win in 7 with Walk-off HR
4/28/2007 13U Loses 10-8 To Phoenix
4/27/2007 9U Pratice 6:00-8:00
4/27/2007 13U Comes From Behind To Win 11-10
4/26/2007 11U Defeats Buckeyes
4/26/2007 13U Game Cancelled
4/24/2007 13U Wins First League Game
4/23/2007 12U Bombers Strong at Spring Swing!
4/23/2007 10U Play Tough in Riverbats Tournament.
4/22/2007 11U Wins 2nd league game
4/22/2007 9U Bombers rebound against Sluggers, 12-5.
4/19/2007 13U Loses 3-2 in close game
4/18/2007 9U Bombers suffer first defeat.
4/18/2007 10U Bombers Explode in the 8th to Win!
4/18/2007 13U Opens Season With Tie In 8
4/18/2007 11U Wins League Opener
4/17/2007 10U Now 2-0 in the League!
4/16/2007 9U Bombers bats stay hot in 15-3 win.
4/15/2007 12U Bombers Split Friday Night
4/13/2007 Weather plays with schedules
4/11/2007 12U Bombers Defeat Braves!
4/10/2007 9U Bombers win 17-1 in Home Opener.
4/5/2007 15U Announces Second Annual Pig Roast
4/1/2007 12U Bombers Second Place in Spring Classic!!
3/31/2007 9U Bombers defeat Stallions 12-5
3/30/2007 9U Bombers win 7-1 in Season Opener.
3/22/2007 13U Practice Cancelled
3/22/2007 12U Game Cancelled
3/21/2007 11U Wins Season Opener
3/19/2007 13U Practice Cancelled
3/13/2007 Adam McDonough rounds out 10U roster!
2/22/2007 13U Roster Finalized
2/18/2007 13U Practice - cancel
2/14/2007 11U and 12U Practice cancelled
2/13/2007 13U Practice Cancelled
2/6/2007 9U & 10U Practice Cancelled for Tonight!
1/31/2007 10U Bomber's sign Jamie Hollister
1/2/2007 Pitching Clinic Coming to Town!
12/27/2006 WE Michaels Sports Directions
12/5/2006 Directions to Bombers Ball
11/16/2006 12U Bombers Go Undefeated in Fall Ball
11/9/2006 Congrats to Jamie Patterson!!
11/3/2006 Bombers Meeting 11/5/06 @ 6PM
10/23/2006 13U Roster Updated
10/9/2006 Dance Tickets Info Here - November 18th Event
10/2/2006 Bombers Organization Meeting Scheduled For Sunday
9/1/2006 Bombers Golf Outing Info Here!!
8/28/2006 10U Roster Posted!!
8/23/2006 11U Roster posted
8/22/2006 9U Roster Posted!
8/16/2006 15U Roster Posted!!
8/16/2006 12U Roster Posted!!
8/5/2006 Bombers Tryouts Attract Top Talent!!
8/2/2006 Bombers President to Remain Coordinator
7/27/2006 Bombers Take Home The Hardware!!
7/26/2006 9U Bombers Champs in Louisville!!
7/19/2006 Bombers Defeat EKRC in League Final Game!!
7/10/2006 Bombers Announce Coaches for 2007!!
7/10/2006 10U Bombers win again
7/7/2006 11U Bombers Win Tournament Opener!!
7/6/2006 11U Bombers Defeat NK Panthers!!
7/5/2006 Bombers 10U & 11U Teams Take 1st in Springboro!!
6/25/2006 11U Bombers Take 2 From Xtreme/Sharks!!
6/25/2006 14U Fall To Corpus Christi Vipers
6/22/2006 14U Tie Middletown Giants
6/21/2006 14U Loses To Cinci Bulldogs
6/20/2006 11U Bombers/Firebirds Game Postponed in 3rd!!
6/19/2006 14U Game Cancelled
6/18/2006 11U Bombers Win 2 of 3!!!!
6/16/2006 14U Defeat Tigers 5-3
6/14/2006 14U Lose In Tough Contest
6/12/2006 14U Lose to Playground Allstars 6-1
6/11/2006 14U Game Cancelled
6/10/2006 14U DH Cancelled
6/9/2006 11U Bombers Defeat Lebanon Kings In Extra Innings
6/5/2006 9U Bombers Blast CHAMPS!!
6/5/2006 11U Bombers Take 4th at Blast!!
6/3/2006 14U Participates In Caba Open
6/2/2006 14U Night Game Cancelled
5/31/2006 14U Loses to Miamisburg Diamondbacks
5/30/2006 Bombers Blast 11U Bracket Results
5/27/2006 14U Loses To Lancer 18-5
5/25/2006 11U Bombers Lose to Flames!
5/24/2006 11U Bombers Defeat West Chester White Sox
5/23/2006 9U Round Robin Tournament Bracket
5/23/2006 10U Round Robin Tournament Bracket
5/23/2006 11U Double Elimination Tournament
5/22/2006 11U Bombers Offense Explodes!!
5/20/2006 11U Bombers Lose In Extra Innings
5/20/2006 10U Defeats Angels 7-5
5/20/2006 14U Wins First League Game
5/19/2006 10U Bombers lose close one.
5/17/2006 11U Bombers Defeat Cincinnati Styx!
5/17/2006 14U Leading 7-2 before Storm Hit
5/15/2006 10U Bombers win close one !
5/14/2006 11U Bombers 2-1 at Mid May Classic
5/13/2006 10U Game Cancelled
5/13/2006 14U Game Cancelled
5/12/2006 9U Bombers Defeat Southwest Sting!!
5/11/2006 14U Pitching Practice Cancelled
5/10/2006 14U Game Cancelled
5/10/2006 10U Game Cancelled
5/8/2006 11U Bombers Make It 4 In A Row Against Sluggers!
5/7/2006 11U Bombers Win 3rd Straight Game!
5/7/2006 10U Bombers Win!!
5/7/2006 9U Bombers Win By Run-Rule!!
5/5/2006 10U Bombers Sharp At Complex Opener!
5/1/2006 11U Bombers Win Again!!
5/1/2006 14U Practice Cancelled
4/30/2006 10U Loses Tough One
4/29/2006 11U Bombers Defeat Tealtown!!
4/29/2006 9U Bombers Win Again!!
4/28/2006 10U WINS AGAIN
4/26/2006 9U Bombers Continue Run Scoring Explosions!!
4/26/2006 14U Plays Tough Storm Club, Loses 4-0
4/25/2006 11U Game For Tonight Cancelled Due To Rain!
4/25/2006 10U Battles back to win tough one !!
4/23/2006 11U Bombers Tough in Spring Swing
4/23/2006 14U Lose To Wright Contracting
4/21/2006 14U Practice Cancelled
4/20/2006 9U Bombers Put On Scoring Clinic!!
4/19/2006 11U Bombers Take On Rawlings Nationals!
4/18/2006 Tournament Team Listing Continues to GROW!!
4/14/2006 11U Bombers Tie In Butler County Showdown!!
4/13/2006 11U Bombers Lose to JB Yeager
4/13/2006 14U Lose League Opener
4/10/2006 14U Loses to Franklin Sidewinders
4/10/2006 10U Bombers Kick off League Games with a Win
4/10/2006 10U Bomber Buddy Up with Redhawks
4/9/2006 11U Bombers WIN League Opener!!
4/9/2006 14U Lose Season Opener 9-4
4/8/2006 14U Scrimmage Game Cancelled
4/8/2006 11U Bombers Lose to Tipp City
4/7/2006 10U Game For Tonight Has Been Cancelled!!
4/7/2006 10U Saturday Game Delayed
4/7/2006 9U Game For Tonight Has Been Cancelled!!
4/5/2006 Additional Work Completed at New Complex!!
4/4/2006 9U Bombers Show Their Abilites at 1st Tournament
4/3/2006 11U Bombers Take 4th out of 16 Teams!!
4/3/2006 14U Practice Cancelled
4/2/2006 10U Bombers Off and Running
4/2/2006 10U Bombers Battle but Suffer 1st Defeat
4/2/2006 MASC Field Directions
4/1/2006 9U & 10U Games Postponed 1 Hour
3/31/2006 14U Saturday Practice Cancelled
3/29/2006 11U Bombers Suffer 1st Loss!
3/26/2006 11U Bombers Win 2 More!!
3/26/2006 14U Wins Preseason Opener 7-6
3/25/2006 11U Bombers Win 2 At Pastime Park!!
3/24/2006 14U Workday Cancelled
3/23/2006 Memorial Day Tournament Hits 40 Teams!!
3/21/2006 11U Game For Tonight Cancelled
3/13/2006 14U Pig Roast A Huge Success
3/13/2006 Congrats to Robert Kahmann!!
3/6/2006 11U Bombers Defeat West Chester!!
2/28/2006 New Bombers Fields Taking Shape!!
2/28/2006 SUB ASSEMBLY!!
2/23/2006 New Bomber Baby Arrives Happy and Healthy!!
2/14/2006 Bombers Excel Both On and Off the Field!!
1/30/2006 11U Bombers Win TWO at Sinclair Fieldhouse!!
1/5/2006 Indoor Workouts Underway!!
12/11/2005 11U Bombers Bats Blast Opponents!
12/5/2005 11U Bombers Lose to Tough 12U Team
11/21/2005 11U Bombers Tie!!
11/12/2005 11U Bombers Make It 3 In A Row!!
11/4/2005 11U Bombers Win Again!!
10/29/2005 11U Bombers Win First Indoor Game!!
10/26/2005 11U Bombers Begin Indoor League
10/19/2005 2006 10U Roster Posted!!
10/12/2005 Bombers Selling Dance Tickets!!
10/11/2005 Bombers to have GARAGE SALE!!!
10/3/2005 9U Welcomes newest team member!
9/19/2005 2006 14U Roster Posted!!
9/15/2005 14U Tryout Sep 17th at 10:00AM
8/30/2005 2006 9U Roster Posted!!
8/24/2005 2006 11U Roster Posted!!
8/18/2005 Next Tryout 8/20/2005
8/10/2005 Bombers Can Write Too!!
7/28/2005 HAPPY BIRTHDAY COACH MATT!!(see photo)
7/25/2005 Bombers Go Fishing!!
7/10/2005 9U Bombers take second in the PYO Classic
7/8/2005 10U Bombers Win First Game of Tournament!!
7/5/2005 2006 10U Team Coaches Announced!!
6/29/2005 10U Bombers Lose to Riverbats
6/27/2005 10U Bombers 1-1 During Weekend
6/18/2005 2006 9U Team Manager Announced
6/17/2005 9U Bombers win again
6/15/2005 10U Bombers Lose Heartbreaker to Fairfield
6/15/2005 9U Bombers bow to the Chiefs
6/13/2005 10U Bombers Lose Against White Sox
6/12/2005 9U Bombers split DH
6/11/2005 10U Bombers Defeat West Chester Sluggers
6/9/2005 9U Bombers battle the Flames
6/9/2005 Coaching Spot Open for 2006!!
6/8/2005 10U Bombers Win 3rd Straight Game!!
6/7/2005 Bombers Earn Straight A's
6/6/2005 9U Bombers make it two straight
6/5/2005 9U Bombers split a pair with the Thunder
6/5/2005 10U Bombers Defeat Bandits 7-3
6/4/2005 10U Bombers Enjoy First Defensive Shutout
6/3/2005 10U Bombers Defense Absent Against Tealtown
6/1/2005 14U Bombers Team Coming In 2006
5/31/2005 Bombers Blast Tournament A Huge Success!!
5/26/2005 10U Bombers Defeat West Chester Lightning
5/24/2005 9U Bombers get run over by Mustangs
5/23/2005 10U Bombers Streak Ends in Richmond
5/22/2005 9U Bombers lose to Chiefs in extra innings
5/21/2005 10U Bombers Win 5th Consecutive Game
5/20/2005 9U Bombers come up short against the Flames!!!
5/19/2005 10U Bombers Make It 4 In A Row
5/19/2005 Bombers President Named 11U Coordinator For 2006
5/16/2005 10U Bombers Win Again!!
5/15/2005 9U Bombers win a pair!!!
5/9/2005 Weekend Festivities Full of FUN!!
5/9/2005 9U Bombers win again!!!
5/7/2005 Outmanned 9U Bombers show their heart
5/6/2005 10U Bombers Sink Riverbats
5/5/2005 9U Bombers crash the Home Run Derby
5/5/2005 Miami University Baseball Field Directions
5/4/2005 9U Team-Saturday's DH is at 9:00AM
5/2/2005 10U Bombers Lose Two
5/1/2005 9U Bombers take one on the chin!
4/29/2005 9U Thunder Make-ups scheduled
4/22/2005 Picture Day Fun!!
4/22/2005 Spring Swing Cancelled
4/20/2005 9U BOMBERS WIN!!!! THE BOMBERS Win!!!!
4/18/2005 9U Bombers come up just short!
4/17/2005 10U Bombers Impressive in Carlisle
4/14/2005 Riverbats silence 9U Bomber bats
4/12/2005 9U Bombers battle back in first game!!!
4/7/2005 Field Clean Up Day Gets Noticed by Journal
4/4/2005 9U Game added
4/2/2005 Pastime Park Games Cancelled
4/2/2005 Game added vs. Braves
4/1/2005 MASC Field Work Day Monday April 4th
3/29/2005 10U BOMBERS WIN AGAIN!!
3/25/2005 Indoor Practices Come to a Close
3/24/2005 10U BOMBERS WIN!!!!
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